• Overland Conveyor

    4,5 & 7 km

    New Caledonia

  • Hopper

    2 hoppers

    4000 tph 

  • Overland Conveyor

    6 + 3.6 km

    255 tph

  • Overland Conveyor

    40 km



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French private owned company founded in the mid-70s, RBL-REI immediately directed towards engineering and manufacturing of handling equipment. (Link to OUR SKILLS).

RBL-REI has several structures in France and abroad with its headquarters in Paris; RBL-REI also relies on its many commercial representatives for the supply of major handling projects. Listening to our customers and partners, from the preliminary project studies to the final commissioning, RBL-REI has acquired over 30 years of experience a unique know-how enabling it to develop new technical solutions. Featuring a high-performance and polyglot engineering department, RBL-REI also relies on its Electrical / automation, civil engineering and assembly skilled teams. 

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