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RBL-REIFrom A to Z

For more than 35 years, RBL-REI has been designing, manufacturing and integrating industrial solutions for bulk handling. Across the 5 continents, listening to and supporting its commercial partners, RBL-REI has been able to meet today's challenges with tomorrow's innovation.

About us

A French private owned company founded in the mid-70s, RBL-REI immediately orientated itself towards engineering and manufacturing of handling equipment. 

RBL-REI has several structures in France and abroad with its headquarters in Paris; RBL-REI also relies on its many commercial representatives for the supply of major handling projects.

Listening to our customers and partners, from the preliminary project design to final commissioning, RBL-REI has acquired over 40 years experience a unique know-how enabling it to develop new technical solutions. With a high-performance and multilingual engineering department, RBL-REI is also able to call on the services of its electrical and controls specialists and civil engineering and construction departments. 

Our history

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At RBL-REI, the passion for our job is the fuel that drives all of our employees from design to final commissioning of our handling facilities. 

With this in mind, the constant search for innovative and economic solutions is our primary goal in all sectors where we operate, and it enables us to meet increasingly complex and technical challenges; it also enables us to provide efficient engineering and sourcing in line with the needs of our clients. The Cost efficiency, performance and quality aims of our customers are the top criteria we use from design to commissioning of all the handling installations that we have supplied throughout the world

On Behalf of RBL-REI, I thank all our customers for their confidence in the ambitious projects for which we will constantly submit the most efficient solutions.