ISO 9001 EN 10.90


Our scope of activity



RBL-REI is a world renowned company, specialized in engineering and design of bulk continuous handling installations.
RBL-REI supplies complete installations in various sectors of activity, including :

- Energy
- Ports
- Tunnel boring
- Mining and quarrying
- Food processing
- Cement plants
- Miscellaneous industries

RBL-REI performs all calculations, and design using 2D and 3D softwares.

Over many years, RBL-REI has developed its own calculation software for conveyors and straight extractors. RBL-REI has also developed its own software for dynamic calculation of curved and very long conveyors (CURVODUC).

RBL-REI is able to quote and construct complete handling systems due to its team of specialists in the fields of electrical, automation as well as civil engineering.
RBL-REI is also able to offer complete packages covering all of its range of equipment in dry bulk solids activities.